Destination Description

Tijuana is the dominant focal city of Northwestern Mexico, in Baja California, Mexico and right across the border from San Diego, California, USA.

Tijuana is a busy border town, about the same size as San Diego. It has a Mexican flair but is also distinctively different from cities further inland. That makes it a unique place to visit. The area most tourists visit is close to the border, within walking distance.

Tijuana has a mild climate due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, with low humidity and pleasant temperatures year-round. Due to its Pacific coastal location, the climate is very moderate for most of the year, with average temperatures during the daytime ranging from 20°C (68ºF) in January, to 30°C (86°F) in August. The rainy season is short and tame, with yearly averages close to only 254mm (10 in) of rainfall, and encompasses late winter to early spring.

Tijuana-General Abelardo L. Rodtríguez International Airport, is located parallel to the USA-Mexico border line, 10km (6 miles) east of downtown Tijuana and the San Ysidro International Border Crossing, and one mile (1.6km) west of Otay International Border Crossing.

San Diego International Airport is 15 miles/24km north of the international border and can be used as a transit point for travellers wishing to visit Tijuana (or continue southwards) from the U.S. You can take public transportation from the San Diego airport all the way to downtown Tijuana for USD$5.

If you’re not staying in Tijuana, you can book your hotel in San Diego and enjoy The Fast Pass, which has worked well. Businesses in Tijuana buy them to give to their customers. Mostly used for medical tourists, hence it mostly functions as a medical line. Make sure and take a taxi to figure out the driving route first. Tell him you want to see and learn the route to the fast pass gate. Get the drive down before you attempt it yourself. There is only one Fast-Pass entry and it's on a one-way street. It is always wonderful to legally "cut the line" at the border. With the border upgrades at San Ysidro, traffic patterns continue to change on the Mexican side of the border. It is not uncommon for the "fast pass" to only allow access to the Ready Lanes or the SENTRI lane.